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School Meals

Breakfast Club

We serve a wide selection of healthy cereals and milk along with toast, pancakes, muffins and crumpets with a drink of or water.

School Lunchtimes

Hot lunches are provided by Central Nursery at a cost of £2.70 per day. Please see below for the Summer term menu or children can bring a packed lunch.  All children sit together and eat socially in nursery before going out to play in the back garden and dome. Children are supported by our team of midday play workers through lunchtimes. 

After School Club Meals 

A light tea and desert is served at around 4.10pm for those children who stay at our after school provision. Children enjoy a range of meals, such as wraps, sandwiches, fish fingers, pasta,  all served with salad and followed by a dessert. Milk, juice and water are freely available throughout the session.

Snack Times

All children are offered a snack during each morning and afternoon session.

All children can access a drink of water at any time throughout the day, cups are provided, they do not need to bring water bottles from home.

On a morning we open our snack cafe for children to come for a self select snack.  Children can enjoy a piece of fruit and a carbohydrate snack such as malt loaf, crackers, bread sticks, fruit loaf.  They also have a choice of a drink of milk or water at the snack table.  Children are encouraged to select their own snack and pour their own drinks in the snack cafe before clearing away their own pots.

On an afternoon we have a group social snack where children spilt into smaller groups to enjoy their snack altogether.  The children can chat with their teacher and each other about events of the day and enjoy a story.