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We love reading!

‘There is more treasure in books than all the loot on Treasure Island’ Walt Disney

Walt Disney was right, books hold some much opportunity for learning and for children’s imagination to come to life.

Reading to your child creates a love of stories and can be one of the most special times spent with your child, especially at bedtime.

Here are some great reasons to make bedtime stories a priority whenever you can.

It’s a good bonding time

Sharing a book at bedtime gives them time when they have you all to themselves. A night-time book is a perfect time for cuddles, to bond and make cosy memories that last a lifetime.

It improves your child’s reading skills

You would be surprised how much learning is taking place as you read aloud. They will be listening, following the words, knowing what they like and don’t like, excitement, awe and wonder and be on the way to becoming a story teller themselves.

It sparks imagination

Monsters, fairies, unicorns and wizards….. Books open up real and imagined worlds to children and a bedtime story can take them on a magical mystery tour to places they’d never dreamed of. This developing imagination helps children throughout their school life and beyond.

It creates conversation

Children are naturally inquisitive, so questions will be answered, concepts explained and talking about what is happening on each page is all part of the reading experience.

It expands your child’s vocabulary 

Reading to child will expose them to new words and build their vocabulary. Rhymes, rhythms and patterns will help your child with their reading, writing and language as they grow.

It improves their emotional intelligence

Books can help your child deal with big feelings and sharing a bedtime story can be a way of talking about difficult situations. It can also give children emotional vocabulary, providing them with the words to express their feelings.

Reading is the key to learning!


Our Library
 All children can choose a book from the nursery library to take home in their nursery book bag each week.  We place a huge value on adults reading stories to children both at home and at school. Children who are read strive to become readers themselves. 

In our meetings with families, we share early reading skills and support parents and carers with help and ideas.  We have good links with local libraries and take the children into town to visit, as well as inviting the library service into school.  Are you a member of the local library?  Please click onto the link below to find out about the local library service in Derby City.

We share our book of the week with all families on ClassDojo, our learning story and on our notice board for family members to look at when dropping off or collecting. 

Please look on The BookTrust website for more information about reading with young children.

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Tips for families when sharing stories with young children

  • Enjoy a cuddle or snuggle when you share a story. Children will learn to associate story time with being happy, safe and having fun.
  • Tell your child who and what the author and illustrator are and do.  They will start to recognise the style of writing and pictures of their favourite stories.
  • Model turning pages left to right.
  • Talk about what you see in the pictures as well as reading the words.
  • Resist asking lots of questions, it is more important to enjoy the story together as reading should be fun and not too structured.
  • Encourage children to join in with repeated phases or refrains, it is lots of fun!

As children develop their love of books and understanding of stories then asking some questions will help to develop their understanding further and focus their learning.

"If you read just one book per day to a child from birth, they will have enjoyed over a thousand books by the time they are three!"

September 2018

"The more you read, the more you know.  The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

From Dr Seuss, I can read with my eyes shut.