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Our Vision and Values

Our Mission Statement

‘Your Child, Our Inspiration’

Our Vision

Whitecross Nursery is a thriving and inclusive school recognised for its excellence in delivering outstanding Early Years education and creating a happy and safe community of lifelong learners. 

At Whitecross...

  • All our children feel listened to and valued, empowered and confident in their own abilities and take pride in their resilience.  They are excellent communicators, able to develop positive relationships, have respect for others and the wider world, and are creative and curious learners with a ‘have a go’ attitude.
  • All our children will have experienced a diverse, inclusive and creative curriculum.  Our child-led learning environment allows children to follow their specific interests and promotes extensive access to outdoor learning opportunities.  We instil a love of the natural world and a language enriched environment, including a love of books and stories, and maximise every opportunity for children to experience external visits and visitors.

  • All our children will leave with happy memories ready to embrace and enjoy the rest of their learning journey, having made better than expected progress across all areas of the Early Years Curriculum. 

  • Our staff and governor team are enthusiastic active learners, with a wide range of experience, who are trained to the highest standards and recognised locally and nationally for their teaching and learning expertise.  They are flexible, dedicated, forward-thinking professionals who work in partnership with each other and with other professionals, families, schools, and the wider community to promote and enable the best possible outcomes for all our children.

  • Our Nursery School works collaboratively to promote the importance of high-quality Early Years education and make a positive contribution to the Early Years' experience of all children at Whitecross and beyond.

Our Whitecross School Values

  • The happiness of all children, families and staff.
  • A caring and supportive staff who know and respect everyone they meet.
  • The development of self-confidence, self-motivation and independence.
  • Consistently developing cooperation, collaboration and teamwork.
  • Providing indoor and outdoor spaces that are stimulating and exciting, where children can explore, discover, be challenged, experiment and take risks in a safe and secure environment.
  • A stimulating and diverse play based curriculum, suited to children’s needs, enabling all children to reach their full potential in an enabling environment.
  • Praise and celebration of the resilience, effort and perseverance of each child.
  • Raising aspirations and a commitment to lifelong learning.
  • The natural environment, our local community and the wider world.
  • Working in partnership with children and families to embrace the needs of everyone.