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Medicines in School

If your child needs any medicine administered while they are with us in nursery, we have staff trained to administer it. You will need to print off and complete the form below or collect a form from the school office.

We ask that all medicines brought in to nursery:

  • Are prescribed by a medical professional. We cannot administer anything bought over-the-counter.  Please do not bring them into school.  This applies to topical creams as well as oral medicines. 
  • Are in the original packaging with the Hospital, Doctors or Pharmacist's  label showing the child's name, date of prescription and dosage.  No information on this label can be handwritten.
  • Please send a familiar spoon or measuring cup with them for staff to administer the correct dosage.
  • Please do not put any medicines at all into children bags to bring to school.  All medicines must be handed to member of staff on arrival and signed for in the school office where they can be stored safely.