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Our Cultural Capital

Cultural capital is the essential knowledge that children need to prepare them for their future successes in life.

Here at Whitecross we give all children the best possible start to their early learning journey, whatever previous experiences and opportunities have been available to them.  Our curriculum is adventurous, ambitious and exciting for all.  It is designed to provide a wealth of wide-ranging opportunities ensuring all children have a strong foundation of learning to build on during the rest of their school years.

When planning our curriculum we built upon our values to ensure that all children

  • Are strong communicators both verbal and non-verbal building an extensive vocabulary
  • Share and develop a passionate love of books, stories, rhymes and songs
  • Participate in first hand cultural experiences
  • Enthuse and embrace a lifelong love of outdoor learning
  • Build the foundation of skills and resilience for an ever-changing world
  • Accept and understand our British values of
    • Being fair to all (Democracy)
    • Understanding right and wrong (The law)
    • Accepting boundaries (Accountability)
    • Building mutual trust (Individual Liberty)
    • Accepting and celebrating diversity (Equality)
    • Have patience, acceptance and understanding t others (Tolerance)

We simply love to learn!