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Admissions Procedures

Admissions and Settling In

Whitecross Nursery School has no catchment area as such, in fact a good number of our children travel in from villages further afield.  However our largest number of children are from the Allestree/Kedleston Road area.  Children’s names may be placed on the waiting list as early as possible.  Places are allocated using the criteria defined in our Admissions Policy.

All children are three years old when they start nursery. Generally, most children start in September and leave in July.  The Head teacher contacts families in February about available places for the following September.  Occasionally, there may be unfilled sessions in September and where this is the case, places will be offered to Autumn born children in January.

Families who need longer hours than those offered by the nursery school can extend them through our partnership with ‘Allestree Schools Out’, local Childminders and other Early Years settings.

It is very important for new children and their parents to have time and support while they settle into the nursery surroundings and routine.  We therefore organise a gradual introductory programme of visits.  We ask that a parent/carer stays with the child for the first two sessions so that you can explore the nursery environment together and so that we can get to know each other.  After that, parents are encouraged to leave their children, but staff recognise that children are at different developmental stages and we will all work together to ensure that your child feels as happy and secure as possible before you leave. 

We offer 50 children places in the morning and 50 children in the afternoon.  

If you would like your child adding to our waiting list please either complete the 'Waiting List Registration form' located on the 'Contact Us' page of the website or call in or ring the school office.  Places are offered in waiting list order, so the sooner you put your child's name on the waiting list the more likely it will be that you will be offered the sessions that are your first choice.