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Admissions Policy

Whitecross Nursery School are responsible for our own admissions. We do not have a defined catchment area and all parents/carers are eligible to register their child’s name on our waiting list.  Children can be registered at any time from birth.

We offer places to 3 and 4 year old children taking up the free 15 funded hours and for those eligible for the extended 30 funded hours.

We can also offer extended sessions on a self-funded basis for those using their 15 funded hours who are not eligible to the 30 extended hours.  Please see Appendix 1 for information on eligibility.

We have the following places available daily:-

  • 52 places each morning
  • 52 places each afternoon
  • We offer 'Breakfast Club' & 'After School Club' to support our busy families
  • Children who stay at Nursery all day can enjoy a delicious hot lunch
  • All children will need to have completed a Free Early Education Funding contract detailing their eligibility.

School Intake & Offer of Places

Our main intake is in September of each year. However, if we have spaces available we can admit children during the first term after their third birthday.

The offer of places for September will take place in the preceding Spring term. The offer of places for January and April (should there be spaces available) will take place in the preceding Autumn term.  Sessions are agreed in advance and cannot be swapped due to absence or closure days. 

Parents may request to permanently change sessions, this will be actioned as soon as possible depending on spaces available

Criteria for admission

Criteria for allocation for fifteen hours of funded education

Children will be given priority according to the following criteria.

  1. Children with educational, medical or social needs including looked after and previously looked after children.  Applications on these grounds will have to be supported in writing by the relevant professional involved, such as Social Worker or GP etc.
  2. Priority will be given to children who require 4 or more sessions. (however a child’s priority does not increase with the number of sessions required over the 4 stated)
  3. How long the child’s name has been on the waiting list.

Criteria for allocation for extended entitlement of funded education.

Children will be given priority according to the following criterial:-

  1. Children identified or referred in relation to being in need or at risk (see No. 1 above).
  2. Children accessing their universal entitlement at Whitecross Nursery School i.e. first 15 hours.
  3. How long the child’s name has been on the waiting list.
  4. Priority will be given to children who require 4 or more sessions. (However, a child’s priority does not increase with the number of sessions required over the 4 stated.)  i.e. a child maybe accessing their Universal 15 hours funding at another setting and only want to access their extended entitlement at Whitecross, in this instance children would still need to access at least 4 sessions with ourselves.
  5. If a particular session is full then a waiting list will be created and length of time on waiting list will be considered.

Our school is fully inclusive and our policies promote equality of opportunity for all children.  We are pleased to offer any disabled pupil or pupil with individual needs a place at Whitecross Nursery School provided that those needs can be successfully met and if the supporting agencies feel that it is an appropriate placement.

Emergency admissions will be considered if places are available and where requests are made from social workers, health visitors or other professionals involved with the family.  Places will be given at the discretion of the Headteacher in consultation with Governors and may need to take priority. 

It is possible for a child to access an extra year at Whitecross if their parents request delayed school admission for their summer born child.

Allocation of Sessions

Prior to taking up their place at our school, parents are asked to advise us of the preferred sessions for their child. Sessions will be allocated dependent on the same criteria used for allocation of places. We do our best to meet the session preferences of all our families, however we do take into account the balance of numbers of children across the day (i.e. those having part-time / full-time places and numbers of children at dinnertime) and this could impact on availability.

Please see Appendix 1 for information on our available sessions.

Parents will be sent an offer letter advising them of their sessions as soon as all sessions have been allocated.

This policy has been drawn up with the agreement of the Governing Body of Whitecross Nursery School and will be reviewed by the Governing Body annually.

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Please see our Policies Page for our Admissions Policy